Sentimental Love Messages to Say to Your Special Someone

How is in you that I?

Is it your face or your style?

Is it your eyes or your grin?

Regardless, I cherish you and you're mine

I cherish you yesterday

I cherish you all the more today

I'll cherish you considerably more tomorrow

I'll cherish you in happiness and distress.

In bliss, distress and agony

My lifetime will be with you

I'll adore you more than you do

Under the daylight or the rain.

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For what reason do I adore you?

It appears to be genuine however false

For what reason do I adore you?

When you don't love me, as well.

Your affection is all I have to experience this world.

Nothing and nobody else matters as long as I have you.

What's more, I will live to adore you for whatever is left of my life.

The best and upbeat days of my life are imparted to you.

Each memory and chuckling will dependably be appreciated.

Give us a chance to share recollections for a lifetime together my adoration.

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